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Jun 17, 2020· What is Risk 2210 AD? From Avalon Hill, Risk 2210 AD was first published back in 2001 as a futuristic version of the classic Risk game. It was designed for play by 2 to 5 players from ages 10 and up, and each game can last up to 3 to 4 hours.

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Risk 2210 A.D. About Me. Lane Trahan Lafayette, Louisiana, United States I'm 24 and I'm a regular guy who likes to play board games, sports, and video games. History, geography, and politics really interest me. I have a beautiful wife who I'm loving more and more every day. …

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Risk 2210 A.D. is yet another entry in the long series of Risk variants. Set in the not-so-distant future, battles are now fought by machines of destruction, known as MODs, for short. Human commanders still lead these mechanized troops, but these commanders each have special powers and abilities.

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Jan 03, 2009· My friend Brock Wood and I play our first game of Risk 2210 A.D.! An hour and a half game has been boiled down to less than 9 minutes for your enjoyment. Wat...

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Feb 15, 2016· Liked Risk 2210 but felt it was missing a little extra craziness? Well look no further as all of the supplimental material for 2210 is collected here! You and up to 7 of your friends can conquer the solar system, fight off giant amoebas, send Antarctica into the sea, and more with any or all of these expansions.These expansions are:

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Apr 19, 2017· Risk 2210 ad – Play Risk Review of Risk 2210 AD (risk 2210 a.d.), an innovative reworking of the classic game Risk. The classic form of Risk is hard to beat in the genre of strategy board-games, but it's not alone. Due to the flexibility of the core game-play rule-set, the traditional world map can then be exchanged for a completely different world that lets you play Risk with friends in ...

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Dec 31, 2007· The rules state that units already on the moon can not be used to invade other lunar territories. So how is it possible to settle territories on the moon (other than the 3 that contain landing sites)? Obviously, the units used would have to travel from land to the moon via space stations, but at what stage in a person's turn would this occur?

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Risk 2210 A.D. - Engelstalig Bordspel. Eeuwen zijn voorbij gegaan en de wereld is anno 2210 weer in staat van oorlog. Op de aarde, onder de oceaan...

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Risk 2210 A.D. Game Progress Tracker. Welcome to my Risk 2210 A.D. site. This site acts as a repository for all the Risk 2210 A.D. expansions (official and un-official) and it also includes a game tracking tool. The tracking tool allows you to collect data during your gameplay and view charts once the game is completed.

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FuschiaTude and I, inuyashasama, are currently working on re-creating classic RISK in its entirety, including turn-based play and books. We then plan to add the Risk 2210 A.D. ruleset as an option at the start, which allows for colonization of the seas, the moon, and for the addition of commander units, action cards, space stations and more.

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Risk 2210 A.D. est la version futuriste du classique des jeux de conquête, le Risk. Le principe général du jeu ne change pas mais Risk 2210 amène son lot de nouveautés. Nouveautés : Le jeu ne comporte plus de cartes Ojectif. Le but du jeu est de contrôler le plus de territoires possible à la fin du jeu.

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Jun 18, 2015· Complete basic version of Risk 2210 A.D. All Cards, Pieces, and Rules. Game supports 5 players max. Game lasts 5 rounds, making it far less time consuming then classic Risk. Also contains a set of wild cards and extra rules for playing classic Risk. Centuries have passed and the world is again at war. Mechanical warriors are now fighting for us ...

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Risk 2210 AD Game Rules. Setup. Set up the land board and lunar board, and place the year marker on "year 1" of the score chart. Separate cards into 8 decks (3 territory, 5 command); remove any "wild MOD" and blank cards. Devastated lands: randomly draw four land territory cards and place devastation markers on them. These land territory cards ...

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Jan 01, 2010· So if you're new to Risk, don't make the same mistake I did buying both, you can totally play Classic Risk with this one game, rules to Classic Risk are found towards the end of the RISK 2210 AD rulebook--- basically, you just do without the moon, space stations, commanders and 2210 AD command cards.

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RISK 2210 A.D. also includes everything needed to play the classic game of Risk. STORE LOCATOR WHERE TO FIND OUR GAMES Your local game store is a great place to buy Avalon Hill games and find a few extra players, if you need some.

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Apr 19, 2017· Risk 2210 ad – Play Risk Review of Risk 2210 AD (risk 2210 a.d.), an innovative reworking of the classic game Risk. The classic form of Risk is hard to beat in the genre of strategy board-games, but it's not alone. Due to the flexibility of the core game-play rule-set, the traditional world map can then be exchanged for a completely different world that lets you play Risk with friends in ...

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Risk 2210 A.D.is a 2–5 playerboard gamebyAvalon Hillthat is a futuristic variant of the classic board gameRisk.Risk 2210 A.D.was designed by Rob Daviau and Craig Van Ness and first released in 2001. In 2002, it won theOrigins Awardfor "Best Science Fiction or Fantasy Board Game of 2001"

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Risk 2210 AD starts with the premise and mechanics of regular Risk - take over the world by rolling dice (attacker gets a max of 3 dice, defender gets 2, but defender wins ties), and then throws in everything including the kitchen sink. 2210 adds commanders, space stations, water territories, lunar territories, and special ability cards. ...

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Belgium 2210 Risk 2210 A.D. Turn-Based. Blogs. Risk Players Blog Kev's Lounge Tyler2k's .info blog SE Blog ...

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RISK 2210 A.D. INFO; REVIEWS; contents. 1 Earth game board (20" x 30") 1 Moon game board; 5 Sets of army playing pieces; 5 Sets of commanders (diplomat, land, naval, nuclear, space) 20 Plastic space stations; 71 Risk cards (land, water, and lunar) 109 Command cards; 4 Devastation markers; 1 Year marker; 80 Cardboard Energy Markers;

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In Risk 2210, the order of turns changes each round (year). Turn order is decided by each person getting to choose which turn they want. The order in which turns are chosen is determined by a bid of energy at the beginning of the year. The highest bidder chooses first and so on. If anyone bids the same amount or if more than one person bids 0 ...

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Risk 2210 A.D. is a neat sci-fi/post-apocalyptic twist to a classic game where mech robots battle it out for territory. Gone are the days of playing Risk for hours and hours on end with one, two, or three people eliminated waiting for the game to finish. The game is set to only go 5 rounds (years), and whoever has the most points wins the game.


Officially, Risk 2210 AD plays for only 5 turns, and the player with the most points wins, however, it can easily be played in the usual conquer-all mode. The Risk 2210 board game is recommend for anyone with a sci-fi interest, and anyone familiar with Risk. It can be overwhelming for new players as the complexity makes it harder to learn.